About Paths of Study

Often people struggle with which study to use for themselves or for their small group. For those who do not have the resources or the time to research how to start a study, what to study, or how to go deeper into a study, The Upper Room offers suggestions through paths of study.

The Upper Room's paths of study categorize resources by topics and levels of study to help you choose the best options for you or your group.

We define the levels of study as Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ, Serving Christ, and Sharing Christ.

Knowing Christ is an introductory level for those who desire to have a relationship with Jesus.

Growing in Christ is for those who already have a relationship with Jesus and want to build on it.

Serving Christ is for those who are seeking ways to serve God and neighbor.

Sharing Christ is for those who are meeting people where they are and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

To further assist in your search, we offer starter suggestions under each topic.

We hope these resources provide you with the topics and levels that will help you or your group grow in faith.